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Detroit College Match helps Detroit students, their parents, and advisors take a data-informed approach when selecting the best college for them.

We are so excited to announce the launch of the Detroit College Match tool! We hear all the time from our students and partners that selecting the right colleges to apply to can be challenging and overwhelming. We also know that applying to and enrolling in college is only the first step. Completing college is the ultimate goal!

News & Updates

Posted on 01/13/2022

How Helpful was the College Match Tool? Complete the Post Survey and tell us what you think. We hope the College Match Tool helps with your college research and creation of your college list. We would love your feedback to help make the College Match Tool better for future students. Your name will not be collected. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes. Complete survey here.

Posted on 09/15/2020

Click the Get Started button above and enter your SAT score and GPA. This tool will identify the appropriate reach, match, and safety schools for you. The tool will rank the schools by highest African American and Hispanic graduation rates and provide additional information for each school like net-price of the college by family income.

Posted on 09/15/2020

Filter by In-State Schools: The tool allows you to filter by in-state schools only. After your list populates, simply click the icon beside the word "filter" and you will see the many different ways you can filter your list. It includes filters for: In-state, out of state, private, Hispanic-serving institutions, Historically black colleges & universities, Public Schools, Match, Reach, and Safety schools.

Sponsors & Partners

The Detroit College Match Tool was made possible by the partnership between Detroit College Access Network, The Kresge Foundation, Michigan Future Schools, The United Way of Southeast Michigan, and Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and their commitment to make post secondary education a reality for every Detroit student.

About Detroit College Match

The Detroit College Match Tool was developed by Michigan Future to help expose Detroit high school students to appropriate reach, match, and safety schools, with high graduation rates and low net-prices, based on their academic credentials.

The tool was created in response to the research demonstrating that too many low-income high school students were "undermatching": only applying to lower selectivity regional institutions when they could be applying to selective or highly selective institutions. The Detroit College Match Tool was designed to show students that they often have a lot more options than they may think and could shoot higher than other college match tools might lead them to believe.

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